Ink Jet Print, 2019, 18"x24"

A special treat for my brother and me when we were kids, was going to Williams and Sons Country Store in my home town of Stockbridge, MA and being able to pick out a candy or a few. The Country Store is filled with all kinds of things, but as a kid my focus was most always on the candy and the occasional stuffed animal. Every time we went into town it was a desire to go into the store. With this piece I hoped to capture the child like wonderment and magical feeling of the store. This feeling starts when you are a kid, but doesn't just go away when you grow up; it still feel warm and happy as you return. It is a store that has been around for generations with some past customers now bringing children of their own for a treat. As the town and store have a Norman Rockwellesque quality this poster captures the quaint small town feel. 
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