Hi, my name is Julia Rose Miner. I am a painter who lives and works in the small artistic town of Stockbridge, MA. In 2021 I received my BFA degree from Russell Sage College In Albany, NY. I have won awards for my work and continue to show my art in galleries and shows. My impressionistic-like paintings vary in levels of texture as I capture and document the world around me. In my most recent  textural paintings of abstracted landscapes, I use a variety of vibrant colors, materials and tools, including my hands. 
At the age of seven I was diagnosed with a visual impairment, called Stargardt Disease, leaving my world altered with a constant vibrating visual texture. I use the sense of touch as a source of sight to navigate through life and art. This is how I experience the world and I feel compelled to use these tools when making my work. In my practice I translate bits and pieces of visual information to fabricate a new reality that lies in the comfort of unease. 
In many of my works I  explored the ideas of innocence and decay, using a pallet that consists of candy, stuffed animal materials, and vibrant colors. These works play with the corrosion of nostalgia while holding onto a childlike optimism. I welcome and encourage both delight and unrest to coexist. Building layers I construct and paint distorted and discolored imagery inspired by my everyday surroundings. My work embraces the ideas of joy and deterioration while abstracting the world.
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